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By accessing (“Best Places”), you agree to be bound by the most recently revised Conditions of Use (“COU”) posted on this website, and all applicable laws and regulations, whether local, national, or international. Best Places may make revisions to the COU at any time without notice. If you do not agree with the then current COU, you are prohibited from using or accessing this site. If you do agree, welcome aboard!

A “community” is made up of a collection of individuals. Just like any community in the “real” world, the Best Places virtual Community (this site) has its values. In summary, these values are transparency, openness, fair dealing, creating and maintaining a location where every respectful person has a voice that can be heard by others, and in creating significant value for all people acting in good faith. The objective of the Community is to help its members. One of the primary ways the Community does this as a group is to elevate the best ideas, comments, and so forth, so that all may gain. Here, as short as possible and with as little “legalese” as possible, are the rules consistent with these values and objective:

1. The Community believes very strongly in free speech, and in taking as much of a “hands off” approach as possible so that the best content is uninhibited from naturally rising to the top. However, the Community also believes that racist, sexually explicit and overly inflammatory comments, or anything knowingly promoting unlawful conduct does not further the Community’s values or objective, so these comments are subject to removal.

2. “Contributors” are those who graciously provide answers to the Community Q & A and Stories section of Best Places, and as such, Contributors are extremely valued. Best Places doesn’t pay Contributors or take compensation from Contributors to in any way favor one over another, because doing so would diminish the credibility of everyone and not be consistent with the Community’s values. Instead, we allow Contributors publish their name, and, if desired, the company they’re associated with along with their content.

If you are a Contributor, this is your full and complete compensation for your content, and you give Best Places, its affiliates and partners full and absolute rights to display your content, without any limitation whatsoever. Of course, any content you provide is your sole opinion and your sole responsibility, and you agree to fully indemnify Best Places for anything you post. We prefer that all content you provide is original, from you alone.

If, however, you utilize someone else’s material, we believe you should give that person credit. In addition, you are not allowed to post any copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder. Links are not allowed at all.

3. As a user, you agree and understand that, other than making reasonable attempts to enforce the limitations in Section 1, Best Places does not make any attempts to control posts, and does not warrant the accuracy or usability of any information provided. Many times, Contributors will provide opposing opinions, which is good, and is what we intend. Just like in the non-virtual world, you’re free to make your own judgments on whether to follow any particular advice or representation. Also, please remember that Best Places has not reviewed each site linked to it, so it doesn’t necessarily endorse or not endorse such sites.

4. No one may copy or use any part of the Best Places site or content without the express, written consent of Best Places management. The materials contained in Best Places are protected by applicable copyright and trade mark law.

5. Any claim relating to the Best Places web site shall be governed by the laws of the State of Arizona, USA, without regard to its conflict of law provisions.

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