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Meet the Neighborhood Alligator

I’ve been around Panama for about 6 years now, living here and working as a real estate broker. I’ve seen all manner of creatures in all sorts of places — capibaras in the jungle near Colon, coyotes prancing through fields, hummingbirds on my front porch, dolphins in the ocean, howler monkeys everywhere, an anteater crossing a coutnry road, even an ocelot dashing across the street in front of our house.

I’ve also seen things you really don’t want to see, like poisonous...

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Are Americans Leaving Panama?

Presented with permission from Bob Adams, of Retirement Wave.

Are Americans leaving Panama?

From time to time, I have received messages from various RW Members over the last six years asking, "Why are expats leaving Panama?" or they ask, "Why are Americans leaving Panama?" Some get a little colorful and say that American retirees are "fleeing" Panama! The same thing happens once in awhile when I meet Members face-to-face here in Panama. I ask them, why do you ask? They...

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Early Impressions of Panama -- from 2007

Many people have this idea that Panama is a backward place with grinding poverty, poor infrastructure, political instability and lots of risk for investors. In fact, while there is poverty there in relative terms, the people are happy, relaxed, friendly and open. Much of the country is pretty much like parts of California or the American south, and was so, long before swarms of gringos arrived at the start of the current economic boom. 

What is happening in Panama is truly...

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