My Part Time Life in Volcan


I titled this "My Part Time Life in Volcan" because unfortunately I can only live part of the year in Panama.  I'm still in my working years in the US and I still haven't figured out how to totally check out and live in Panama full time.  It isn't for a lack of trying.  Thus far I am able to work in the US for about 9 months and then take 3 months off, with as much of this time in Panama as feasible, depending on the year.

Since I am building my house rather than buying a complete house, I spend most of my time working on the house and landscaping, which is fine for me as I am a bit of a workaholic.  When I'm not sweeping up concrete dust and leaves, carrying steel around, painting, digging rocks, etc., I like to hang out with my neighbors.  I do find that people who migrate to Panama tend to be an interesting lot.  Most expats here are adventurous, and some may be characterized as "characters".

There are a few bars and restaurants near me in Paso Ancho and Volcan, but I don't spend much time there, because I'm too cheap, I guess.  I'd rather spend time talking to some of my gringo friends and some locals while sipping on a cold Panama or six.  There are also some local trails that I hike with my Panamanian friend.  Hiking Volcan Baru from Paso Ancho rather than Boquete is a mind blowing experience.  What a hike!  I also like going for a country drive towards Rio Sereno or Boquete, just taking it all in.  The scenery is awesome and the traffic is nonexistent.

David is about an hour drive if I need any wacky supplies that I can't find in Volcan.  David also has the fish stands and the Costco and Home Depot type establishments for bulk supplies of whatever.  The beaches near David are nothing special, but it's a beach.  Boca Chica is a great hub for fishing and not too far away.  Of course if I need or want to go somewhere far away, I can hop on a plane in David and get almost anywhere.
Essentially, my life in Volcan is like life in any other small town in the middle of nowhere in a tiny Central American country!

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In the interest of full disclosure, the picture on the right is not taken in Volcan.

It is in Panama though.  Can you tell me where?

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