Oasis In Panama

Panamá is a charming city.  Bordering the warm Pacific Ocean and at only an hour and a half from Colón on the Atlantic Ocean on the northern side, the breeze embracing your body is one of the most comforting things you can experience, day or night.
If you add the biggest park in the city to your neighborhood, San Francisco is blessed to have an oasis, where you can go from 4 AM to 10 PM to do exercises like yoga, tai-chi, sports, walking, jogging, running; whatever you feel like to take stress out.  In addition the park has a nice place where you can enjoy musical events, like ballet, musicals or international presentations, especially in the summertime (December through April).
With a free gym, a public library, seniors groups that enjoy field trips to different places, a big swimming pool, and on a 42 acres (very similar to Central Park in NY), the park has well taken care of grass and old trees like Guayacanes, blooming especially in the month of March.
Located in an upper class neighborhood, the park is the center for all events, long walks, children's fairs, Christmas season village, natural fruits shakes,vegetables and fruit markets at lower prices, and much more, offering a safe place to go, bring your children, and enjoy life.  

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