My Travels In Volcan and Cerro Punta, Chiriquí Province, Panama

Scenic Back Road Trip to Janson Coffee Farm In Volcan

This was a special day for my friends from Alabama. They had wanted to go visit the Janson Coffee Farm for the last two years. This was a great day for slow drive to Volcan. It was a cool, rainy, gray day but the smiles and laughter made it feel warm and happy. All along the way there was an air of excitement from the two of them. I heard stories about the times they rode horses with the Janson family, picnics and weekend outings; all the memories were so pleasant. Along the way we...

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Volcan and Cerro Punta, Panama, Refuges from a Busy World

Costa Rican dancers entertian at a school in Volcan, Panama – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingWe took a day trip to Volcan and stopped by this school to see the entertainment. Costa Rican folk dancers performed for the children and we enjoyed watching them.                                                                                              ...

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