My Life In Boquete, Chiriquí Province, Panama

“Honey, Don’t Look Back!”—the Founding and Development of River Ranch Farms, Between Boquete and David, in Panama

Kjersten and John Van Horn before moving to Boquete, Panama – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingMy dear husband and I left the good ol’ USA when we sold our home in California in 1994. He told me: “Honey, don’t look back!” We were young and adventurous so we drove from California to Costa Rica.

Since we were young we still had to work.  Some Costa Rican partners and I started our own real estate business and network.  I had worked in California as a top producing real estate agent for Better Homes and Gardens for five years so I had the experience. My husband...

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Sunshine Morning Invites the Camera to Come Outdoors

We enjoy our coffee on the patio in Boquete, Panama, most mornings. This recent Sunday the weather was spectacular. We filled our coffee thermos and hastily dressed for a ride around Boquete while there was time before the clouds and rain arrived!
First stop was the Tourist Information Center at the bottom of the hill from where we live. Great timing, we had the camera this time and the White-nosed Coati troupe was there as if on cue. Best to see between 8:30 and 9:00 am....

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A New Supermacado in Chiriquí

Outside of Dorado Supermarket in Chiriqui, Panama – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingLiving in the western end of Panama has its charm as well as its challenges.  We often hear that folks miss certain products from home and many make routine treks to Panama City to take advantage of greater product availability.  The truth is, there is greater variety in Panama City than in smaller cities and towns.  This is often the case in more urban areas.  But here in Chiriqui, if you look around long enough you are usually able to find most of what of you need in...

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The physical distance means nothing when it comes to love.

Child in knight outfit – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingBlonde girl in dance outfit – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingWhether you live across town or across the country, this is the same as being in a distant land. Our world is huge but still small and new technology makes it smaller still, easier than ever to stay up front and personal with family and friends.
This morning I laughed and talked with my grandson, age seven and granddaughter, age four. Their mother and father continued with the morning regime, making breakfast.  I love SKYPE, as it keeps them alive and us in love with their...

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Tuesday Market In Boquete Provides A Sense of Community

Tuesday Market in Boquete, Panama is a busy place. Vendors, crafts-people, artist, services, produce, coffee makers, cosmetics, oils, soaps, candles, baskets, bread, meats and more fill every free inch of space! Therapy such as chiropractic and massage seem to do a good business in this busy place as well. 
The market opens at ten on Tuesday each week and closes at noon. In the early morning, vendors arrive to set up their display tables, have coffee...

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How Former Texan Jackie Lange Found Her Paradise in Boquete and Unintentionally Started a Business, All at the Same Time

Jackie Lange with Panama Relocation Tours – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingAs told to Best Places:
Hi, I’m Jackie Lange. I have lived in Boquete, Panama for almost 6 years now. I moved after deciding I was just sick and tired of the heat in Texas.  One summer we had 90 days straight of 100˚ weather. I lived on a private 500 acre lake. It was too hot to get out on my boat, so it was just too hot to stay in Texas.

I spent two years exploring about ten countries other than Panama, including Mexico, Belize, Uruguay,...

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Phil McGuigan and Other Heroes in Panama and Beyond

Phil McGuigan has some stories to tell. In this interview, he recounts to Jet Metier about his ties to the man who eradicated malaria in the Canal Zone and about the time he wrestled the richest man in Belize. McGuigan bought land and a house in Panama almost as quickly as he now buys hundreds of pounds of dog food for animal rescue in Boquete. Ask McGuigan about an event, and he probably knows someone involved directly. There is a story about how friends...

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Penny Barrett, Boquete’s Liaison Extraordinaire

In every stage of her life, it seems that Michigan’s own, Penny Barrett, always seems to be the intermediary between parties, the go-between that facilitates and makes better communications between interested entities.  Read about how Penny's skills with everyone from corporate heavy-hitters to her own dating service / magazine / 900 number company makes her the natural liaison to expedite fund raising for this expat community and help it to thrive. But first, Jet and...

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A Sunday Walk into Boquete

On a sunny Sunday morning, my husband and I walked into Boquete. We live about 2 miles away, uphill from the little town of Boquete. The walk is all downhill. We pass the three-story, bright yellow Tourist Information Center as we go towards the curve that takes us down to the streets below. We pass trees that are very old, very big and many are covered in plants, flowers and vines that grow on the trunks and branches that wind upward towards the deep blue sky and warm sunshine. 

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An Inside Look at the Evolution of Boquete and the People Who Had the Vision to Make It Happen

If you were on a quest to find and talk with the single expat who knew more of the inside story, either by witnessing it, or by being part of it, of the evolution of Boquete from a sleepy Panamanian hamlet into the famous expat retirement destination it is today, you could find no one better than Paul McBride. Visit with Paul as he takes Jet from the time when everyone (but one person) thought that Boquete would stay as a Panamanian backwater.​Paul McBride Boquete HIghlands Real Estate Panama – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Living

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