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Panama Football Teams Seek World Titles

Panama Men's Flag Football Team running back – Best Places In The World To Retire – International LivingOn September 7, the Panama men’s and women’s flag football national teams will be flying to Grosseto, Italy, for the International Federation of American Football Flag Football World Championship. Originally scheduled for August 13-15, in Jerusalem, the tournament had to be moved because of the violence in that region.
This event has been held every two years since 2002 and is the showpiece event for senior national teams competing in 5-on-5 flag...

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Base Jumping - Expect the Unexpected in Panama

~~One of the delightful things we enjoy about Panama is the lack of strict laws and regulations. It’s been said Americans live to work, Panamanians work to live. Recently, as I was glancing out our floor-to-ceiling windows in our Panama City 34th floor apartment, I saw someone parachuting past us down toward the Cinta Costera. As it turned out, a group of base jumpers advertising a stick deodorant were taking turns jumping from the 62 story building next to us. When we told a...

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Presidential Campaign Panama Style

The voting for the Panamanian presidential election will take place on the first Sunday in May. Voting is done on Sunday to ensure maximum voter participation. Presidential elections are held every five years, and presidents cannot succeed themselves. Under this system you don’t have a president-elect campaigning to win the next election instead of governing, so the election season is much shorter than the U.S.
There are a number of other differences as...

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Our First Ride on the Metro in Panama

The Metro de Panama, the first subway system in Central America, started operating on April 5. Line 1 operates from Albrook to Los Andes, with 19 trains that make stops at 12 stations. It takes only 23 minutes to travel the length of the line. Seven stations are underground and five are elevated.
Escalator at Panama City Panama Metro – Best Places In The World To Retire – International Living
Each train consists of three cars, with air conditioning, video surveillance, passenger information systems, and wheel chair accessibility. The trains also have fire safety systems...

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Cancer Awareness March - Panama Style

At the culmination of Cancer Awareness Month, a huge rally was held on the last Sunday of October in Panamá City. Thousands of enthusiastic Panameños from all over the country marched down the length of the Cinta Costera in support of fund raising for cancer research. Marching bands, dancers in traditional costumes, school groups, bomberos (firefighters), the Darien frontier police, and many other organizations participated in this special event. 

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