My Travels in Panama

Hanging Out on the Amador Causeway, Panama

Located at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal is the Amador Causeway, a road and pedestrian walkway that connects the mainland of Panama City with three islands. This causeway was built with material extracted from the Culebra Cut when the Panama Canal was built from 1904-1914. It provided a breakwater for ships waiting to enter the Canal, and to prevent the buildup of sediment. Later the United States militarized the promontory and fortified it with ordnance during the two...

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A Short History of Juan Diaz, Panama

Unlike the Panama Canal, Casco Viejo, the Amador Causeway, and Panama Viejo, the name Juan Diaz does not attract much attention from visitors to Panama City. Yet the township of Juan Diaz has become equally important to the Republic of Panama, economically, commercially, and educationally.
The origins of this region go back to the days of Spanish colonization. It is believed that Juan Diaz was a Spanish soldier who settled in this same area. In the year 1875 one of...

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The Road

 Good roads leave no traces in the memory – smooth, seamless, without jarring bumps or sudden twists, they are the silent asphalt arteries that carry us from one place to another as we go about our daily lives, never calling attention to themselves. Not so with bad roads.  A bad road, like a bad marriage, feels endless, terminal, and impossible to escape, even years later.
I have seen many bad roads around the world. Some in Central America are...

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Torio, Panamá

Torio is a small town on Panamas Azuero peninsula. It is an undeveloped region with people who live a simple but interesting way.  There is a fishing village that is very friendly and the people cooperate and respect tourists. Little do they know how privileged they are to live in a place where the Humboldt current passes and an abundance of pelagic fish pass through the region.
Torio's coastline has views of Isla Cebaco and has a surfing beach...

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My First Trip to Panama

My first trip to Panama was an accident. I had originally planned a holiday in the Brazilian Amazon. I like tropical jungles – big, green, humid things with massive, towering trees, snakes, and animals whose names I do not know and cannot pronounce. The strangeness of jungles appeals to me – strange at least for someone like myself from the wintry reaches of Canada.

It was my habit to take a winter vacation around March, just when I could no longer stand the grey,...

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The Foods and Cuisine of Panama, Part 1

Note: If you would like to watch me read this essay, click on the YouTube below. However, be warned, I am quite amateur; I stammer, I mispronounce words, and apparently, I suffer from chapped lips. But I hope you'll be encouraged to tell your experience and impressions to the camera, for that is an intimate way to tell your tale to others on Best Places.

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Staying At The Coconut Lodge Near Panama City Is Just Like Visiting Relatives You Like!

Mike Pop, the co-owner with his wife Nancy of the Coconut Lodge, in the Panama City area, is like the uncle who is always upbeat and happy, makes big delicious big breakfasts, (including his own smoked meats), realized his dream of moving to the tropics and putting a tennis court in the backyard, tells funny stories, and is such a stickler for details that each stone in the pathways of this beautiful home is set perfectly and aesthetically.
Nancy Pop, Mike’s wife, is caring...

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